podium win celebration

Celebrate It All!

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I encourage people to love life 😄 celebrate it all! The good // the bad! The good teaches us happiness and success; the bad teaches us humbleness and self improvement. So when I’m celebrating a success like a podium finish, best believe I’m going to celebrate the crap out of it!!! 😂 thank you @danielmorad for capturing this moment! I could write paragraphs about what this pic means to me!!!

Moradness Madness

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What an incredible day with incredible people!! I haven’t been back at @goodwoodkartways since 2013 and man did it ever feel great to be back in a kart!!! Thank you @moradness for having this wicked event and to @danielmorad & @hofm[...]


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STARK NO LIMITS!! Announcement of my new sponsor for my 2018 Racing season. All natural energy drink and product!!   Also make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel: Demi’s World for more videos like this and other racing info![...]

Mosport GP Race 1 Aug 17TH 2017

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Started at the very back of the field because I missed the first day of qualifying. There were almost 50 cars registered and just over 40 out on grid. 14 in my class. I moved my way from almost last to 19th over all and 4th in my class. Amazing[...]