Demi on the go cart track in Moradness Madness

Moradness Madness

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What an incredible day with incredible people!! I haven’t been back at @goodwoodkartways since 2013 and man did it ever feel great to be back in a kart!!! Thank you @moradness for having this wicked event and to @danielmorad & @hofmanjess for the amount of effort you both put into it! SUCH a blast and I honestly did not expect such intense karting!!!

Moradness Madness Go carting event

Hopefully I will have some video footage for you guys soon!! We finished 7th out of 17. Not the podium finish we were hoping for but today was priceless!! Our team @wheelzroll@speedybots @diymikey.g put on a great show with amazing effort. WOW. For anyone that was considering doing this event, it’s a MUST!!! So insane, its called Moradness MADNESS for a reason I swear!!! 😂 Until next year … 🏁

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